Technical Rules

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Technical Rules


1. Only 8 athletes who achieve the best 8 times during the heats qualify to the 100m final.

2. Only 6 athletes who achieve the best 6 times during the heats qualify to the 100m hurdles and 110m hurdles finals.

3. All participants in the long jump qualification round have 3 attempts. Best 8 results qualify to the final. In the final, each athlete is allowed 4 attempts.

4. In the long jump, the age group U14 will jump from the lime drawn line, age groups U16 and U18 will use the take-off board.

5. In the throwing events, if the participants are 8 or fewer, each athlete will have 6 trials. If the participants are more than 8, best 8 athletes after first 3 trials will have 3 additional trials.

6. The starting height and the bar raising increments in high jump will be declared by the Referee before the event.

7. The start will be given from the curve for the 800m. No lanes allocation.